Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hey, everyone! Welcome to saltycrunchyprimalfresh, the primal/paleo sister blog of my main blog, saltycrunchybitterfresh. I'll still be talking about special needs parenting, books, my awful (adorable) dog, my multiple inappropriate crushes (I still maintain that anyone at least 10 years older than my oldest child is fair game) and life in general over there. But now that I'm doing the primal thing, I'll be saving most of the discussions about food/cooking/eating, exercise, weight loss and maintenance (four months and counting, woo!), and anything relevant to the primal/paleo/ancestral movement (book reviews, articles, etc.) for over here.

Alrighty? Sound good? Let's get started!


  1. Yay, I'm glad you're doing this! I tried, with great enthusiasm (and apparently no small amount of naivete or just delusion) to do the Whole 30 in October. I lasted less than 48 hours.

    I read Wheat Belly in the summer and went pretty well gluten-free for a couple of weeks and felt so much better. That is, until I lapsed.

    Now my goal is to eat well, eat good food that makes me feel good. I listen to paleo podcasts and read books about paleo. I'm glad you're documenting your process.

  2. Looking forward to reading your new blog as I am reluctant to do paleo. Let's say it began with bad things from Atkins.